Dear Guests,

Paros, our beautiful island is the first to acquire a modern Volume & Pressure Control Ventilator in an effort to shield the island against COVID-19.

In addition, Paros is the first island to acquire and use molecular testing equipment with the ability to process potential infections within 45 minutes.

At CIEL VILLAS we remain optimistic and hope to see you soon.

We follow a fully organized management plan in complete compliance with Health Protocols, in order to ensure your safety.

Our Team

Every member of our staff is fully trained and certified, regarding Health Protocols and equipped with all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment , in order to implement the new Hygiene and Protection daily procedures.

House Cleaning and Disinfecting

For our safety we have adopted a strict cleaning and disinfection policy regarding the villas and all areas used by our guests and staff.
In that context, cleaning includes thorough disinfection using appropriate factors, indoors and outdoors and the use of special steam cleaners on all fabric surfaces and other challenging materials. In addition, linen laundry and ironing service is provided by our own staff in a designated area and always in compliance with Health Protocols to avoid any contact with suppliers outside the property.

Pools and Jacuzzis

We have made sure that all Hygiene and Safety rules are followed, both for the main pool as well as all the other pools and Jacuzzis in every villa, with regular cleaning and disinfection and proper maintenance and function of chlorine systems, in compliance with the Greek legislation.
In addition to that we would like to inform you that the main pool will accommodate only the maximum permitted number of guests, at any given time.
Also, at Ciel Villas we use water provided by the central water supply of Paros which
is subject to the health care provided by law.

Air-conditioning and aeration

All of our A/C units have been serviced and equipped with special filters and their function is in full compliance with the guidelines of the Greek Department of Health.
To certify all the measurements taken we have all the appropriate documentation at your disposal.

Equipment, and guests’ briefings

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our staff, who will gladly provide you with useful and detailed information regarding our health and safety measures, including useful telephone numbers of health suppliers, doctors and pharmacies.
At the entrance of each Villa you will find antiseptic gel at your disposal and in addition, all bathrooms will also be equipped with antiseptic gels and hand tissues for personal use.
Our property is also equipped with special laser thermometer, pulse oximeter, and a full medi-kit (masks, robes and gloves).
Finally, we remain fully compliant with all the international and domestic developments regarding the hygiene and safety of our guests, and we will be providing regular updates.

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